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About overseas shipping(海外発送について)

As the demand for emjmod for overseas shipping is increasing, we are starting to sell it overseas on WEBSHOP one by one.

Currently, it is only available in the countries listed in the shipping charges.

If you live outside the area and are looking for a product, please contact us. -Contact information

  • About overseas shipping

We are planning to ship by EMS.

It will take longer than usual to ship. note that.

  • About foreign currencies posted on WEB SHOP

Foreign currency can be changed at the bottom of the site.

Product description etc. will remain in Japanese

I think it is better to check the tone on youtube and instagram.

We recommend paypal for overseas payment, and if you may not be able to place an order, please let us know.

2022/5/31 postscript

EMS delivery to some countries / regions may not be possible.

Please check the target area from the following URL (Japan Post)

Customers in areas where EMS delivery is not possible will be changed to surface mail.

We may suggest different shipping methods.

(We recommend PayPal for refunds and payments for shipping differences.)

If you contact us again, we will check if it can be shipped here.

emjmodの海外発送への需要が高まっている為、WEBSHOP での海外向けへの販売を順次開始しております。



  • 海外発送について


  • WEBSHOPに掲載されている外貨について






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